Fan Goes 1-on-1 vs. Me (and Wins!) [HQ]

24 Nisan 2010 Cumartesi, 00:00

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David Duncan Jr
i think u let them win lol

Matevž Krajnik
D so let him u woodn't win in a
life time if D was playing for should
know that...and don't think u are a hero just
because you won in fake game

Nicholas Sharp
charles lol

Dmetri Enoch
i go for the heats

Tevaun Lattimore
wade why u make them look good................ i
no u was playin tho

Peter Hodges

Samir Jasarevic
i bet u had a great time

Samir Jasarevic
he did a michael jordan move in the air on one

Shayley Vesel
that is so sweet.....

Joey Samuel Paul
A true Class act people...tats my Boy D-Wade...

Jakir Hossain
hi Boos........How R U ?

Rico Green
Its was a charity event. he make lay-ups better
when a 7footer is jumpin in his way. an he shoots
better in double team situations.Lol! thats tha
only reason they won.

Laurenne Henri
wow. that's good stuff

Jake Kolbus
that's pretty kool...

Sakis Vakalfotis
How can I join them?

Joe Dollinger
ill bet if the 50k was coming from your pocket you
woulda been trying harder.....haha still pretty
awesome that they beat you!

Samir Jasarevic
i love barkely and wade, there always nice to
everybody but some of the other people in the nba
think they know every thing. its so annoying

Nikola Karakulev
i'm better than that fat boy! :@

Saygın Karataş

Adriano S. Hernandez III
. .in the oppenent's homecourt??

Laalaa Tom

Larry Banks
Wade Wazup! this L A i see u takeing care of
business keep up the good work and hit a brotha up
man u and woog tell your sister i said hi

Brian Etoama
common man

Ali Bozkurt
yha bbnde nba de oynamak istiyorumI love nba I
Staples center playing lakers

Ali Bozkurt
çok cömertsin D-WADE

Julian Rusche
if he wanted to win he had just made a simple

Jadera ImadeIt Rolle
u are right

Timothy Baker
right...but he's a good he
just does something that the others can repeat....

Andre Tha BeatDocta Thelonious
kenny the yackity yack lol

Steven Jurado
dwayne wade the best player

Gaurav Sing
its 5 against 1

Gaurav Sing
need to work on those jump shots, Ha

Matt Joyce
How about you and your friends, versus me and the

Anthony Kajusa
lol were u going easy

Richard Vegas
dwayne undoubtedly the best in the NBA very good

Kara Washington
How about "you and your friends get with me
and my friends and we can be friends. Wade we can
do this every that alright with
you..." LOL I LOVE IT!!

Egemen Elibol
dwyane go to istanbul turkey

Zen Razil
wade go here in philippines

Mattia Priante
wade yhe best of miami!!!!!!!! the best of number

YorTz DrummEr
Dwyane ind0rse y0ur sh0es here in the

Marlon Carter
you let them win

Kristhian M. Girona

Alexis Martin
dwyane i love you

Daniel Suhrke
lucky guys wade can POWND all...!

Tyler Pallum

Holly Roche Valdriz Dumo
WADE is the best for me!

Timmy Younis

Emmanuel De Castro
D. Wade The best

Edwin Zamora
dwyane wade is the best!!!

Carlos Mondragon
we all know the flash was not playing for real.

Luis Pollito de Lucio
yea dwyane couldve easily drained a half court

Lance Poyaoan Baysic
men im a big fan of dwayne from
philippines.....stay in miami ok...WE WANT
WADE....( wait for LEBRON)

Jack Thomas McCutchin
obivious he wasnt plyin 4 rl he easily could
have made the shot at 1:30

Mert Bozgedik
ne war la bunlarda aynısını bn hatta ninem ypar

Wade Griffin Wall
he was just havin a goog time

Nikola Stanojevic
D-Wade was nice to them i think i did not even try

Benjamin Benji Rhéaume
hes still the best

Asia Solovinbasketball Riley
lol but hes the best

Sy Wu
D-Wade will always be The Flash

Sy Wu
D-wade will always be the best ever

Travis Burton
i know that had you mad i could see it on your

Alvince Montero
he give his opponent...

Brian Ü Mariano

Lonah Gabonah
LOL!!! d wade just gave him a chance!!!

Papa Diaw
I wanna participate!! L2ms

Justin Kong-Rin
D-Wade let them win its obvious he could have just
dunked al the time

Carl Darius

Luis Chira

Luis Chira

FrAzer TAhil
Wow!!50k...YEa mE tO!!!!

Joshua Skervin
D wade was off

Stefan Radovic
Go Dwyane..this is cool

Ali Karcı

Ronnel Victor Casido Luce
dywane..teach me how to a good player like you.,,.

Conner Nelson
ur a beast

Brandon Fitzpatrick
y did u let him win

Christopher Harris
dat looked like fun

Josh Hermanowski
he wasnt trien or he woulda ben dunkin on tht fat
ass if you agree

Kevin Martin
not real wade realy one that\

Yamil Asmar

Martavis Taytay Miller

Alvina Piantadosi
OOOOOOOO ooooo no wade hahah

Marc Kadi

Bernardo Borges
that suck´s

Ian Sherwin Magsambol
won yeh

Ian Sherwin Magsambol
idol wade

Rajat Gupta

Glynnie Pangatungan
that was great dud

Joshua Rybka
he let them win lmao

Devon Dyer
D-Wade So Let Them Win it's obvious

Sheldon Spade Bruff
wow u nah jus kiddin

Marlene Rioveros
ur my idol d-wade..

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