04 Nisan 2011 Pazartesi, 21:02

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Naning Nix's
handsome eeuuy.... I like it

Az Har Gigs
i love this band

Abderrahmane Tarzi
it's soo beautifull .very***azing

David Vargas V
‎"Girl you really *** me bad" jajaja
good song ;)

Elisa Tsochatzi
i like this song!!! :Dsuperrrrrrr

Miledys Taveras
Like it!

Lika Chiqvinidze
WooooooW :D Likee Likee Likeeee :*8

Quintina Chen
‎(((((so cool)))))

Cristina Duarte
Ele pode!!Fodasso...

Asma Hanif
i lOooove it...

Alex Chidiac
Ton ehi plakosi sto ksilo...... :P

Becky Dornbusch Bittle
I love this song, but this video gives it a whole
new meaning - every good Jewish boy's fantasy
- to be completely ABUSED by some hot girl?

Alex Imhof

Mejdi Pitou

Daniel Voight
awesome song and video

Ana Maria Crisan
very good

Vince Eso
that was H O T...

Tamara Domán
What kind of boots in the clip??? pleaseee!

Thaer I. Salem

Natalia Jackman
♥ ♥ ♥ magnifique ♥ ♥ ♥

Emily Dizon

David Needham
wow. seriously the worst music video i have ever
seen in my entire life......... absolutely
atrocious!! hahahahaha For a song THAT
freakin' good, you need to get someone to
actually write you a good treatment for a video.

Marichuy Padilla

Je*** Durn
♥ like ♥♥♥♥

Marta Kępińska
I love this song and the video is great !I think
it's one of the better songs Maroon 5.

Wannapa Kaolop
I love you Maroon 5

A-aill Godzeela
like ♥♥♥♥

Aline Lins
Marron 5 *-*I*** in miseryThere ain't
nobodyWho can comfort me (oh yeah) ♫

Macaa Dilda
I love this song! :)

Anel Perez Ladino
sometimes I'm like this woman... and men tell
""" bAby don't be BAD
!!"""" but it's really
funny trash men :D

Tom Gibbs
just putting it out there, i like you guys and
all, but pwned much?

Eja Hazel
i luv 2........esp: adam levine :0))

LauraJaneth Acosta

Pamela León Pastuso
i love this song!!!!!!!!

Varot Makrong
cool ^^

Kris Australian
‎....you are very crazy, I like your videos, :)

Everyday Day
so good ๆๆๆ

P***ui Martínez Romero
Que bruta....

Alejandra Leonarda Davinci
I ♥ Maroon 5 WoOoW

Iryna Komeeva
I l LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Maria Helena De Faria

Nur Sakallı
very goog:)

Leah Kim
Listen several time before when I felt misery.

Leah Kim
Listen several time before when I felt misery.

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